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Oddly I got two small boxes in the delivery.

One box is labeled with a model number: Simplify 2802.

This box has the watch, watchsourceguide.com along with a business card that fell out for Simplify watches.

The watch is a very minimalist dress type watch with a brown leather strap.

So what's in the other box? It has a metal bracelet that I'll talk about later! At first glance this watch seems fine.

It has a nice clean minimalist look with applied hour markers and a blue second hand.

The watch case is very light, it's metal, fake watches for sale but barely.

The stainless steel caseback is engraved with the Simplify logo.

it is your time.

So, let's get it on the wrist.

The strap doesn't fit properly, I'll have to throw it on that bracelet I think.

The bracelet they include is a cheap folded-metal type, and it rattles quite a bit.

It features a signed push button clasp that is also cheap and nasty.

Let's get this on Rolex replica the fake watch! .

three days later.

So yeah, had a friend get this bracelet on for me as I didn't have the proper tools.

or eyesight.

The more I handle this watch, the cheaper it feels, The crystal seems to be made of the cheapest thinnest acrylic they could find.

Anyhow, here's another wrist shot with the braclet.


Let me take another look at the leather strap.