Wood Fired Oven Cooking

WoodFired Oven Cooking

Wood Fired Oven Cooking

WoodFired Oven Cooking is a wonderful experience to share with the family.  The art has been around for many years and pizza has been taken to new heights with backyard brick oven cooking . Now anyone can learn the art of great pizza making and wood-fired cooking.  We make  WoodFired Oven Cooking fun and easy! All you need to do is watch our videos, see what we do,  download some recipes and in no time you will master the art of pizza.  The beautiful thing about pizza is that everyone loves it  no matter how you slice it especially when it comes to WoodFired Oven Cooking

See World Champion Pizza Maker Andrew Scudera  From The Pizza School of New York cooking a great pizza in this video. It’s easy and its fun and the pizza is incredible. 


So see our videos, read our blogs like our youtube site you will get to see lot’s of wood fired cooking. We make  all kinds of great dishes so  you can  master the art of wood fired cooking for yourself.  I promise you will find it quite easy,  relaxing and your family and friends will love it too. You can also cook all kinds of food in the oven like steaks, bread, chops, vegetable, chicken, and fish.  It all comes out spectacular with lots of char,  lots of caramelization and incredible flavors,  that only a woodfired brick oven can produce. Order today and bring the joy of woodfired cooking home.

So enjoy life and enjoy the art of Cooking with  Woodfired Ovens.


Sincerely ,

You can cook it all!

You can cook it all!

Scot Cosentino

Founder of The Pizza School of New York.


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