The Family Neapolitan Backyard Oven

Neapolitan Backyard Oven

The Family Neapolitan Backyard Oven

Here is our Beautifull Family Neapolitan Backyard Oven. The perfect oven for family-style cooking and fun. The Oven has a Neapolitan design a beautiful round dome that cooks more evenly then barrel-shaped ovens. The round, spherical dome does a better job of radiating the heat evenly onto the cooking floor surface . You can cook pizza everywhere (or roasts and veggies) in the oven, and it cooks quite evenly.

Fast Heat Up Time

The oven is built with a solid 304 stainless steel dome. The dome shape allows the oven to heat up quickly while reflecting heat onto the refectory floor.

The dome is also insulated with 4 inches of super high-temperature insulating materials that keep the heat in. This allows the oven to operate easily at high temperatures up to 900f for cooking true Neapolitan style pizza. The oven is also very friendly for cooking at temperatures a lot lower as well. It can be used for breads, fish, steak, chicken, pizza or roasting vegetables and just about anything you can cook in a standard oven but better.

The Neapolitan Backyard Oven Offers Great Family Fun.

So Love Life And Get Cooking!

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