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Strawberry Dessert Pizza

Strawberry Dessert Pizza The Strawberry dessert pizza is a wonderful summer pizza and a great way to end a beautiful day with friends and family. A combination of cheeses, fresh fruit, tangy lemon, and balsamic all come together to create this masterpiece.  Follow our simple procedures below and you will create one of the best tasting strawberry dessert pizzas you’ve ever had. Love Life and Get Cooking Ingredients: Serving Size for 4-8 people 16 oz dough 1 cup of ricotta cheese 1/2 cup of mascarpone cheese 1/4 [...]

Lets get cooking wood fired pizza

Spring is here and it’s time to get cooking! People all over America are cooking up a storm and truly enjoying the woodfired pizza life. They are making great dishes amazing creations and of course fantastic pizza. But most of all the woodfired pizza life is about having fun and loving what you do. Even though who had no experience with cooking with a little practice start to make amazing pizza and great dishes in no time at all. Just think of the wonderful [...]

Cook Great Pizza All The Time

Cook Great Pizza All The Time. When it comes to great pizza many people always ask what the secret is. Is it the water is one of the big ones. I don,t truly think it is. I have cooked pizza all over the world and in most of the States as well. If the water is drinkable it’s good for pizza.  I also teach professionals from all over the world how to make great pizza too. So what’s the problem?  First [...]

How to Make a Sausage & Pepper Pizza

Sausage & Pepper Pizza The Truly “Classic” New York Italian Style Pizza!  Ingredients  Pizza dough- 9oz.   (see the pizza dough  recipe video) 5 oz of fresh mozzarella cut into slices about 1/4 ” thick Pizza Sauce 5 oz    (see the pizza sauce recipe video) Wood Roasted Sausage (your choice) hot sweet or fennel! 12 Roasted Garlic Cloves 2 large roasted peppers yellow,orange,  and red or green  (let your colors fly) about 12 Sliced cherry Peppers To Kick it up a notch Grated Romano cheese sprinkle ( to taste) How We Do [...]