“How to Make A Brick Oven Pizza From Scratch”

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What’s in the Course?

Lesson 1: Making the Pizza Dough

Learn how to make the perfect pizza dough.
We’ll discuss the ingredients and how to make it nice a soft.

Lesson 2: Making the Dough Balls

backyard pizza douhg

How to cut and make dough balls for 12-inch pizzas.
We’ll also discuss the proper technique for folding dough balls.

Lesson 3: Making the Pizza Sauce

In this lesson, we’ll show you how to make an authentic Italian pizza sauce.

Lesson 4: Stretching the Pizza Dough

Learn how the proper techniques for stretching pizza dough.

Lesson 5: Making a Margarita
Brick Oven Pizza

The final lesson we will put it all together to make a margarita pizza.