Paralegna Wood Holder

Paralegna Wood Holder For Pizza

Paralegna Wood Holder

Paralegna Wood Holder
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The Paralegna wood holder You Need This To Cook Perfect  Pizza  Paralegna (which means wood holder) helps keep wood, embers, and ash away from your pizza and maximizes the cooking surface in your pizza oven. 

The Paralegna wood holder from backyard brick ovens is one of the hottest pizza oven accessories on the market. Made from heavy-duty 304 stainless steel, designed and engineered to improve the cooking performance of your oven. Check out the video on how it helps keep the oven clean and increase usable cooking surface of the oven. Less Turning and Burning of your pizza crust!! Order Today! You will love this accessory it a must for all backyard pizza ovens.

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