How to Make a Seafood Pizza

How to Make a Seafood Pizza

How To Make a Seafood Pizza!  This is a great and easy pizza to make.

This is a great and easy pizza to make. A seafood pizza is a great pizza any time of year.

Here is how we do it with clams and crab meat!  Enjoy the Seafood Pizza


  • I small dough ( use the recipe from our site or make your own.)
  • Pizza sauce 5 oz crush tomato
  • 4 oz of crab meat- lump is best ( but any crab meat is better than no crab meat)
  • 4 oz baby clams .
  • 5 oz Seasoned Italian Breadcrumbs 
  • Tablespoon chopped fine garlic
  • Chopped parsley two tablespoons rough chop
  • 2 oz Olive oil 
  • 6 oz cubed provolone small cubes 
  • Salt and Pepper 



Combine Clams,  Crabmeat , chopped garlic, parsley and some olive oil Together (mix well) 

Add 2 oz of extra virgin olive oil to bread crumbs (mix well) 

 On a 12 ‘ dough lay down the sauce first. 

Top with crab meat and clam mix.

Then top with provolone cubes 

Put the bread crumbs on top

Salt pepper and a drizzle of olive oil 

You can sprinkle some grated cheese on top too to kick it up a notch . 

This pie is also great with shrimp too. Experiment and make great pizza! 

Fire Tips 

This pizza can take some heat but not extreme so cook on medium flame rotate the pie often

Be sure it’s cooked all the way through move it up front for a minute when close to done. 

Great flavors topped with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil  when your pie comes out. 

Love life and Love  the Seafood Pizza !

Seafood Pizza

Love Life Love The Art!







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