How to Make a Margherita Style Pizza in a Wood Fired Brick Oven

How to Make a Margherita Style Pizza in a Wood Fired Brick Oven

Margherita Style Pizza. Pizza Margherita is to many the true Italian flag. According to popular tradition, in 1889, 28 years after the unification of Italy, during a visit to Naples of Queen Margherita of Savoy, wife of King Umberto I, chef Raffaele Esposito of Pizzeria Brandi and his wife created  a pizza resembling the colors of the Italian flag, red (tomato), white (mozzarella) and green (basil). They named it after the Queen – Pizza Margherita. Descriptions of such a pizza recipe, however, can be traced back to at least 1866 in  Francesco DeBouchard book “Customs and Traditions of Naples” There he describes the most popular pizza toppings of the time which included one with cheese and basil, often topped with slices of mozzarella. Whatever the real origins of this pizza recipe are, all we know for sure is that Raffaele Esposito’s version for Queen Margherita was the one that made it popular. Since then it has grown into one of the most recognizable  symbol of Italian food culture in the world.

Here we make Margherita Style Pizza simple for you!

Technique Margherita Style Pizza

9 oz dough ball (you can make the dough with double zero flour That is the true Italian style)

4  oz San Marzano Crushed tomato Pizza sauce with some sea salt to taste

4 Oz of Fresh Mozzarella Or Buffalo Mozzarella

A drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Some Fresh Basil Leafs For Topping

Stretch the dough on floured work table

Cover with pizza sauce

Add theFresh Mozzarella

Drizzle olive oil on top

Finish with fresh basil.

Fire Tips

Cook it Hot and fast no worries

If you really want to try it old school add some more water to the dough about 62% of water to dough weight.

You can get classic Naples style pizza if you fire it up and cook in 90 seconds Practice makes perfect!

Pizza Margherita

                                                                                      Margarita Style Pizza





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