How to Make a Calzone in a Wood Fired Brick Oven

How to Make a Calzone in a Wood Fired Brick Oven

How to make a calzone!  A calzone,  stocking” or “trouser” is an Italian oven-baked folded pizza that originated in Naples.[3] A typical calzone is made from salted bread dough, baked in an oven and stuffed with salami or ham, mozzarella, ricotta and Parmesan or pecorino cheese, as well as an egg.

Different regional variations on a calzone can often include other ingredients that are normally associated with pizza toppings. The calzone is a fantastic way to feed the family!  The basic calzone starts with Ricotta Cheese mozzarella cheese and any topping you like.


Small Calzone 

A 9 oz Dough Ball   Open dough to 12 inches   Tip:   No need for the crust you can open the dough flat and round.

Riccota Cheese  6 oz   Tip: Season Ricotta Cheese with salt , pepper and some garlic powder to taste and some chopped parsley. You can also add the egg to the mixture but one egg will be good for 32 oz volume of ricotta cheese. The egg makes the ricotta cheese firmer and less runny but is not necessary.

Shredded Whole Milk Mozzarella 6oz Tip: Shredded mozzarella is creamy and melts well. Fresh Mozzarella can be used but might produce to much water. If you use fresh mozzarella let the cheese sit on a plate for an hour so the water comes out of the cheese. You don’t want a soggy calzone.

Olive Oil  Drizzle EVO on the cheese.

Grated Parmesan  Cover library The grated cheese always adds more flavor and kicks it up a notch. You can use  Pecorino Romano as well for a sharper flavor profile . Go for it!!

Toppings Your choice!  Meats, Vegetables or anything you love. Just go For it!!

Technique. Open Dough on floured surface. Place Mozzarella and Ricotta  cheeses then other ingredients on bottom half of the dough. Do not put ingredients too close to the edge of the dough. You will need to fold the top portion of the dough to the bottom portion to make a seal. Fold Over the top to the bottom. Press the edges closed together. Use your fingertips to seal the dough well.  You have to seal it well, all around, otherwise, the ingredients will leak out when you cook it.  Once you seal it tight, make a small hole in the center about the size of a dime.  The hole is to let you know when it’s done cooking   As the ingredients heat up and cook the calzone will begin to bubble, then you know it’s cooked. Let cool one minute or so before cutting!

Fire and Cooking Tips. Calzones are thicker than pizza, they need to cook a little more time. So high heat is not needed, you don’t want to burn the outside and have an uncooked inside. You want the oven to have a small flame or mostly embers. Cook the calzone away from the fire turning it as it browns.  Be careful not to move the calzone until it cooks on the bottom a bit or it can rip.

How to Make a Calzone in a Wood Fired Brick Oven


Love Life and Calzones!!

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  • Michael Robinson Reply

    This looks absolutely amazing and knowing that it is a homemade calzone makes it seem even tastier! I love that you made sure to explain how calzones are a bit thicker than a pizza and so they need to cook for a bit longer. With that being said, my family has always been a calzone family and having our own brick oven would be a great investment. Thanks again!

    October 19, 2017 at 7:45 pm

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