Introducing the Forno Bello Series Backyard Brick Oven

Introducing the Forno Bello Series Backyard Brick Oven

The Forno Bello Series Backyard Brick Oven  (Beautiful Oven Series) is an incredible 33″ X 35″’ wood-fired brick oven. It comes in 2 beautiful colors (Red or Tuscan Yellow). Featuring a cool modern design on the traditional brick oven, by the world champion Pizza School of New York. See Our Videos!

Fast heat up times for making incredible wood-fired pizzas, steaks, chicken, fish, bread and incredible desserts!

You also get access to the whole tutorial video library so you can truly master the art of wood fired pizza and cooking. Our beautiful oven series has a 24″ x 28.5″ cooking floor, with a double insulated dome for safe operation. Built inside and out with 441 stainless steel, the ovens heats to cooking temperature in an incredible 15 minutes.

Our oven works like a traditional brick oven, where the fire is placed directly within the oven and kept to the side. You can cook pizzas and bread directly on the food grade refractory cooking stone and make amazing brick oven pizza and bread! The insulation beneath the cooking stone provides superior heat retention and will not break down over time. The oven has a stainless steel handle with 2 heavy duty caster wheels that allow easy mobility. The oven also features a double wall chimney pipe and front double wall door.

All clients get complimentary pizza peels and access to our complete video library taught by the World Champion Pizza Makers from the Pizza School of New York, Now  you can truly learn how to make the dough, sauce, pizza, desserts, etc and master the art of pizza with your own Forno Bello Series Backyard Brick Oven.

We design and sell direct that is why we offer the best prices in the industry for our incredible ovens and pizza course!

Call us with any questions 718 668-2310

Enjoy The Art of Pizza !


Sincelrey,  Scot Cosentino

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  • Robert Hill Reply

    Love this oven, saving my pennies. Pizza reminds me of the pizza i got in Naples Italy during my Navy days.

    October 18, 2016 at 7:54 pm

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