Happy Thanksgiving Turkey Pizza

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey Pizza

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Love The Turkey Pizza!  Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your friends and family!

Here is a quick video on what to do with those turkey leftovers! It’s a great way to have fun with the family and impress them too.

The Truth is you can make great pizza with any great ingredients. The Tukey pizza is fun. You can also use ham to and lost of variations try them you have nothing to loose just have some fun!


Here is how we do it! 

The Base Spead some mashed sweet potatoes down

Add some turkey meat or even fresh ham!

Put some cheese something with some flavor nice and light

Add some stuffing make sure it’s moist you don’t want to burn it in the oven

Add some cranberry sauce homemade is always best.

Cook on a medium flame and have some fun

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey Pizza

Love The Thanksgiving pizza

Love Life and  Love The Turkey Pizza !!

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