Get Cooking Brick Oven Pizza In 85 Seconds

Get Cooking Brick Oven Pizza In 85 Seconds

This is how you cook brick oven pizza in 85 seconds and have some fun with a wood-burning oven brick oven. The Forno Bello Oven Cooks Amazingly Fast and Perfect!

The Oven is close to 800f and heated up in about 25 minutes. Check out our wood holder it really is a great option when you cook brick oven pizza! The Beauty of the wood holder is two-fold. One it actually increases your oven size. By placing the wood tight against the side of the oven and not having it spill over you naturally get more room to cook with. Two it keeps the pizza from burning on the side that is facing the fire. This buys you more time to let the pizza cook evenly. Oh Yeah, three: There was another thing to mention. If you notice the floor of the oven it’s very clean. I lit the fire with small pieces of wood using the wood holder in place with a fire starter torch! Real simple and Perfect pizza with a clean oven. Now Cooking Brick Oven Pizza is even easier and more fun. I will show how I lit it in the next blog where we are going to demo the new Neapolitan Family Pizza Oven

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