How to Make Grandma Pizza in a Wood Fired Brick Oven

The Grandma Pizza. Call it what you will, to me, it’s a beautiful pan pizza that is definitely something my Grandmother has served to the family. In the New York Pizza Market Brooklyn-Staten Island , Bronx and Queens the Grandma pizza is a thin and crispy square pizza. Sometimes striped with sauce and cheese. Sometimes no cheese at all  or cheese on the bottom. Sometimes with a lot of olive oil ,grated cheese and fresh basil too. It’s thin and crispy, and  it’s cooked in a [...]

How to Make Nutella Pizza

Nutella Pizza With Marshmallows! This is a fun dessert pizza for the family and the kids will love it too. If you don’t know what Nutella is it’s time to find out. Nuttella is a chocolate hazelnut spread that is very popular in Italy. There are other spreads that are similar and taste just as good if not better. You can usually find it in your local grocery store with items like jams etc.  You can make it with Bananas, strawberries marshmallows or just plain. Ingredients 1 Small dough 4 oz of [...]

How to Make Quattro Stagioni Pizza

Quattro Stagioni Pizza or Pizza Quattro Stagioni (four seasons pizza) is a variety of pizza in Italian cuisine that is prepared in four sections or with four diverse ingredients, with each section or ingredient representing each season of the year. It is a very popular pizza in Italy and has been described as a “classic”,”famous and “renowned” toppings or Italian pizza! Either way, you make toppings or separate it’s an amazing pizza! Ingredients.  1 small dough 4 oz of pizza sauce  hand crushed San Marzano 4 oz of [...]

How to Make Salmon in a Wood Fired Brick Oven

How To Cook Salmon Mediterainian Style. I love this dish it’s easy and has fantastic flavor Enjoy! Ingredients. Salmon 8oz filet. 8 Artichoke Quartes 6 Garlic cloves pre-roasted or not! Roasted pepper about 1 whole pepper cut up 12 Olives black or green or both Cherry tomatoes 6 cut Plumb tomatoes 3 whole San Marzano is best ! Chopped Basil 4 oz white wine Olive oil 2 oz Salt Pepper to taste! Lay it on! Technique  Heat TheSizzle Pan with olive oil.  Don’t burn the oil , Just let it get hot. Use Gloves ! Place salmon on [...]

Bread Baking With Wood Fired Ovens

When I talk to  most people about  bread baking  at home, they seem to smile a little, and look as though ,I asked them to build a bridge to the moon. The truth is anything can be made complicated and with bread, there is no need for it to be that way at all.In our video collection, we show it being done very simply. Basically, we use  our standard dough recipe. The bread that it produces is just fantastic.  The technique is [...]

How to Make a Sausage & Pepper Pizza

Sausage & Pepper Pizza The Truly “Classic” New York Italian Style Pizza!  Ingredients  Pizza dough- 9oz.   (see the pizza dough  recipe video) 5 oz of fresh mozzarella cut into slices about 1/4 ” thick Pizza Sauce 5 oz    (see the pizza sauce recipe video) Wood Roasted Sausage (your choice) hot sweet or fennel! 12 Roasted Garlic Cloves 2 large roasted peppers yellow,orange,  and red or green  (let your colors fly) about 12 Sliced cherry Peppers To Kick it up a notch Grated Romano cheese sprinkle ( to taste) How We Do [...]

How to Make a Seafood Pizza

How To Make a Seafood Pizza!  This is a great and easy pizza to make. This is a great and easy pizza to make. A seafood pizza is a great pizza any time of year. Here is how we do it with clams and crab meat!  Enjoy the Seafood Pizza Ingredients I small dough ( use the recipe from our site or make your own.) Pizza sauce 5 oz crush tomato 4 oz of crab meat- lump is best ( but any crab meat is better [...]

Cooking Seafood in a wood-fired oven

I love to use my backyard oven for all types of dishes and Cooking Seafood in a wood-fired oven is one of my favorites  . Of course making great wood-fired pizza is my main focus and it keeps the family happy! But as you know the oven can cook incredible dishes. I love the char  that the oven puts on meats and vegetables. I love the fresh bread that I cook as well. The fast cooking and high temperatures create [...]