How To Make Calzones

How To Make Calzones

But First A History Lesson

Like their Italian cousin pizza, calzoni (plural of calzone) originated in Naples, Italy during the 18th century. Translated to “pant leg” or “trouser,” the calzone’s original purpose was to serve as a “walk-around pizza.”

This Italian style turnover is created by folding a full-size pizza in half. When correctly prepared, the calzone’s outer crust is baked to crispy perfection while the inside filling contains a warm, gooey blend of ricotta and mozzarella cheeses alongside an assortment of hearty meats and vegetables. The pizza dough like the crust of calzones is traditionally made with yeast, olive oil, water, flour, and salt, makes them wonderfully portable.

Calzoni, not to be confused with a similar Italian filled oven bread, panzzarotti, are always baked while their Italian cousin is similarly prepared, but deep-fried.  The original calzoni of Naples, were most likely much smaller than the modern calzones seen in American restaurants today because the pizzas created in 18th century Italy were for a single person to enjoy.

It is customary in America to top calzones with a blend of garlic, olive oil, and parsley and to serve alongside marinara sauce for dipping.  Modern calzones grew widely popular after their appearance in the popular TV series “Seinfeld” in 1996 and, more recently, in the hit series “Parks and Recreation” in 2014. (Unless you grew up in Brooklyn they have always been a staple item in all pizza shops )

Check out our video on how to make calzones with a wood-fired oven You can even use your home oven also. So Love Life And Get Cooking