What is Brick Oven Life? Well, it’s the joy of creating great dishes and doing what you love. I have been cooking with wood fire most of my life and I love the art. I think about cooking great things all the time.

Even though I worked in a pizza restaurant for over 25 years, I still cook in the oven at home whenever I can.  Besides great dishes such as roasted chicken, fish fillets, roasted vegetables. I love a plain simple pizza too. To be honest, I like to make my dough and let it sit for a few days, so it gets nice and airy and crisp. But sometimes I just go to the local pizza shop or grocery store and get a dough and I’m cooking away.


Love Life Get cooking

Realy it’s that easy. I light my oven with a small flame put the door on with it slightly open,  and run to the store. I grab a dough ball or three! a ball of fresh mozzarella and a can of San Marzano tomatoes.

I just stretch the dough, throw down some cheese and then crush the plum tomatoes on the top, straight from the can. No stress just an incredibly fresh-tasting plum tomato pizza. This is something the family loves to pick on throughout the day.  That’s what Brick Oven Life is all About: family and Fun

Well, to be honest, I always make two or three because pizza is great hot or cold and you can never have enough great pizza.


Brick Oven Life

I am going to be cooking all year round even in the winter. There are so many great dishes and ideas. Anything you can cook in an oven you can cook in a backyard brick oven even better!

So keep checking out our blogs we will get them all up and you will also see our cooking book soon.

Love Life and Love The Brick Oven Life!

Brick Oven Life

Brick Oven Life!


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