Bianca Mushroom Arugula Pie

Bianca Mushroom Arugula Pie

If you love mushrooms and arugula , you will love this deliciously simple bianca mushroom arugula pie. It’s a great summer fun pie. Here’s how I made it.

Bianca Mushroom Arugula Pie

Bianca Mushroom Arugula Pie

Love The Bianca Arugula Pie



16 oz dough
12 oz seasoned ricotta (pepper, salt, garlic)
6 oz mozzarella (thinly sliced)
4 medium sized fresh mushrooms (thinly sliced, baby portabella)
Hand full of baby arugula
2 oz white truffle oil.


Let’s start off with the dough. I used a sixteen ounce dough with 56 percent hydration (dough hydration is the ratio of water to high gluten flour, it is also known as baker’s percentage. This website explains it further).
The key to any good pizza is good dough and fresh ingredients, so high gluten flour is a must. Although it may be hard to find some in your local grocery store, there’s plenty of locations to find it online. Here’s a link. So now that you have your dough the next part is to stretch the dough and apply the ingredients.

For this recipe I will start off with ricotta cheese. I used about twelve ounces of seasoned ricotta. I seasoned it with some sea salt, fresh pepper and little bit of chopped garlic for those who like garlic. Then I liberally spread the ricotta over the dough. I also added some fresh sliced mozzarella, roughly six ounces worth, in thin pieces of about an eighth of an inch thick. Next you’ll want to top the pizza with fresh and thin sliced mushrooms of your choice, never used canned food. I personally prefer baby portobello mushrooms, but really any fresh mushroom will do. At this point I tossed the pizza into the oven, which baked at about 700 degrees. In about two to three minutes, when the crust is blistered and charred and the mozzarella has slight browning, you’ll want to pull the pie out. It’s time to lay it out and put some fresh baby arugula on it drizzle some white truffle oil. Add some fresh pepper and a sprinkle of parmesan.

Now it’s time to enjoy a fantastic summer pie. Love life and love the bianca mushroom arugula pie!

Cooking Tips:

Hot and fast at 700 for a perfect cook
Look for charred edges to know when it’s done, the flavor goes great with truffle oil and arugula!

Never forget to love life and get cooking! Enjoy your summer! Click here for more blogs and recipes!

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