Backyard Brick Oven

Backyard Brick Oven

Backyard Brick Oven cooking is just an incredible experience for me, my friends and family. It’s really all about all the finer things in life family, friends,  good food and truly enjoying quality time together.

The smell of the fire and the incredible aromas of the food cooking  always brings  the family together. On weekends I like to light the fire early and  get my oven hot, then  I let it cool down a bit, and bake some fresh bread for the weekend.  If I’m up early I will roast some potatoes some sausage first  and then  make an incredible breakfast pizza. Fresh sausage eggs potatoes and mozzarella !

Throughout the day, we sometimes cook  steaks, chicken  or burgers all seared to perfection on our cast iron skillets. Each dish is always unique and everyone does their best at being the chef.

As Supper time approaches  it’s time  for  pizza . Each pizza made to order for my family is unique (who want it white, who wants it with more cheese and who wants truffle oil) and all are happy.

The end of the night is always best for a Nutella pizza with some fresh fruit. The kids love them I love them and it’s the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Backyard brick oven cooking

Enjoy The Art! of Wood Fired Cooking!

So I guess  you can say bringing the art of pizza and backyard brick oven cooking  into your life makes it more beautiful !