Backyard Brick Oven Living

Backyard Brick Oven Living

Backyard Brick Oven Living

Fire Up The Good Life With The Forno  Famiglia Family Oven!

Backyard Brick Oven Living  is about the finer things in life. Family, friends and fantastic  foods cooked in the Forno Famiglia (Family Oven) wood fired oven  . This is our latest model, an incredible family size oven that is great for large pizzas,  baking bread, roasts,  chicken, fish, and wonderfull steaks for the whole family.  The oven is one of our largest models .It  has adjustable shelves for your working plates and tools.   A bottom shelf for wood storage . It even has two extended shelves on the side so you can keep your plates and finish oils stacked and ready to go!.  It also  has a pizza peel holder across the front and hooks on the side for hanging oven mitts, brushes or anything else you would need. The oven is even portable it comes with 4 heavy duty casters  and a handle across the back so you can move it about when needed.

The oven has an oversized refractory floor that is one of the biggest for home models (32”x 38”) that can make 18” pizzas multiple small pizzas, and accommodate several sizzle plates and cooking trays. The extra room in the oven will make cooking easier to manage, especially cooking   multiple dishes and pizzas for your family and friends . When it comes to Backyard Brick Oven Living  there is nothing better than making incredible meals for  your friends and family, and having them experience the joys of wood fired cooking.  The Forno Famiglia truly represents backyard Brick Oven Living at its best!  Owning an oven will bring all the pleasures of backyard brick oven living  to you and your family for years to come . Great Food ,Great Company and memories that will last a lifetime.

So Enjoy the Art, Enjoy Life, and Enjoy the Family!  And Don’t Forget the Nutella Pizza.

Nutella Pizza

Dessert Pizza Nutella


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