Backyard Brick Oven Cooking Fun

Backyard Brick Oven Cooking Fun

Backyard Brick Oven Cooking Fun! That’s what it’s all about.

The beauty of cooking at home for me is letting my imagination run wild and think of great things to make while having fun.

I always loved peanut butter and jelly growing up as a kid. So I was inspired to make a great dessert pizza. This pizza is amazing and fun.

I started with a layer of chunky peanut butter, then dolloped on some strawberry preserves, I wanted some cream to so I combined some ricotta, with a little egg and mascarpone cheese sugar and lemon zest. Put a few dollops on top of the preserves and cooked it perfectly! When it came out I through a couple of berries on top some ground coffee vanilla, and strawberry syrup and some powdered sugar. Just had to keep going. The pizza was fantastic the peanut butter roasted the hint of berries and coffee  It was so good I made two of them and 4 of us at them both!

backyard brick oven fun!

Peanut butter Jelly and Cream cheese pizza.  I BROKE ALL THE RULES!


This is a  great pizza to cook in your backyard oven. It’s a Nutella pizza with strawberries,  bananas, and brownies.  I even put some whip cream on it and powered sugar! When you’re in the zone you might as well go all the way!


Backyard Brick Oven

This is what I call the Salzone! It’s part calzone and part salad. This way you can be good and bad all at once. I just made one-half the pizza into a calzone put some oil garlic butter on the plain side. Baked it nicely and put a lovely antipasto style salad on top after it was baked.  I love my calzones and I love my salad so why not have them both!

Backyard Brick Oven Cooking Fun

                               The amazing Salzone Half calzone and Half salad pizza!

Always love life and get cooking,  Backyard Brick Oven Cooking Fun is what it’s all about!

Backyard Brick Oven fun

Make it fun no matter what you do! I cook all types of meals, desserts for my family and friends,  to me it’s nothing but great fun for all.

Backyard Brick Oven Cooking Fun

Love Life and Get Cooking !


Backyard Brick Oven Cooking Fun

Summer days!

Great pizza for friends and Family! Fresh mozzarella and crushed tomatoes simple and pure great Backyard Brick Oven Fun!

Backyard Brick Oven Cooking Fun

Great family Pizza Fun !


This Pizza I love too! I baked a dough with a thin layer of pesto sauce, artichokes, black olives, capers, crushed tomato and thin slices of fresh salmon! When it was done I hit it with some balsamic reduction and shredded asiago cheese.  Talk about flavor explosions!  



Yes, You can make anything !! This is Nutella with vanilla crumbs and Marshmallows. Backyard Brick Oven cooking is fun,  so get creative, love life and let’s see what you can do! 

Backyard Brick Oven Cooking Fun

Love It all !!

Love Life and Get Cooking and always remember to have Backyard Brick Oven Cooking Fun!

Scot Cosentino

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